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2013年7月3日(水)~10日(水) THE SPIRIT OF NATURE Images from Japan the Kaetsu Educational & Cultural Centre, Cambridge




Tomie Mitsuhashi Born in Shiga Prefecture / Japan in 1946, Tomie Mitsuhashi graduated at Kyoto Women’s University in 1967 and studied under Ryonosuke Shimomura in 1976. She is the Director of Gallery Yuragi in Kyoto since 2005.
Tomie Mitsuhashi has exhibited in Japan, South Korea, USA, France and in Spain and has won many prizes for her work in Japan, as well as a third prize and a recommendation in France.
By using traditional Japanese painting techniques and combining them with transfer copy ink and watercolour, she builds layer upon layer of image and colour onto handmade washi paper, giving her paintings a beautiful texture and depth.
She frequently returns to her favourite subject matter: plants, gardens and landscapes, capturing the moods of the seasons and their influence on our lives.
(Hillu Liebelt wrote)

Subjectively viewed, time often seems to stand still or to speed up.
Objectively, viewed on the clock or calendar, time never stops or slows, it goes relentlessly on.
In dreams, when we are not bound by a sense for time or place, memories of the past and the present freely mingle, overcoming the limitations which we know when awake.
In reality, what is happening now by tomorrow will be the past.
Moments from fifty years ago, this morning or even a minute ago all belong to the past.
In my work I wish to create pieces which revive memories of the past transporting them back into the present, expressing my feelings for this wonder of time.
(Tomie Mitsuhashi)

三橋登美栄 展示作品

1 スコットランドの家に草が棲む1

2 スコットランドの家に草が棲む2

3 移りゆく 10号F( 53x45.5cm)

4 雲に生る 10号F(45.5x53cm)

5 カンボジアの家に草が棲む 6号F(41.0×31.8cm)

6 宝貝が家に生る 6号F(41.0×31.8cm)

7 期す 3号F(27.3x22.0cm)

8 弾く 33号F(27.3x22.0cm)

9 山に生る サムホール(15.8x22.7cm)

10 岩の実 サムホール(15.8x22.7cm)

11 ガガイモの星 サムホール(15.8x22.7cm)

12 繋ぐ1 サムホール(15.8x22.7cm)

13 繋ぐ2 サムホール(15.8x22.7cm)

14 繁る サムホール(15.8x22.7cm)

15 火を付けて サムホール(15.8x22.7cm)

16 熱い波 サムホール(15.8x22.7cm)

17 グラウンド3 サムホール(15.8x22.7cm)

18 琴の調べ サムホール(22.7x15.8cm)

19 サビタ サムホール(15.8x22.7cm)

20 ロザリオ サムホール(15.8x22.7cm)

21 塔に生る サムホール(22.7x15.8cm)

22 デレク・ジャーマンの庭1

23 デレク・ジャーマンの庭2

  • ガガイモの星
  • カンボジアの家に草が棲む
  • デレク・ジャーマンの庭1
  • デレク・ジャーマンの庭2
  • ロザリオ
  • 火を付けて
  • 岩の実
  • 塔に生る
  • センターの方と記念撮影
  • 嘉悦センターの庭
  • 観賞者1
  • 観賞者2
  • 展覧会受付
  • 展覧会場1
  • 展覧会場2
  • 展覧会場3
  • 展覧会場4
  • 展覧会場5